The Violent Take it by Force
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Daily Scriptural Confessions
Scriptures References:
Revelation 11:15, Matthew 11:12, Book of Joshua, Ezekiel 1, Zechariah 4:6, John 14:21, Luke 10:19, Matthew 18:19, Job 22:28, James 4:7, Mark 5:12-13, Genesis 1:26,
Psalm 115:16, 2 Corinthians 2:14, Romans 8:14, Psalm 37:4, Matthew 16:19, Romans 8:37,
I John 4:4

  • I press against all resistance to God’s will.  I am either at rest or moving straight forward in synch with the Holy Spirit.  I go where He leads.  I do not turn to the right nor to the left.  I violently oppose and trample all obstacles in my path.

  • I take full possession of all the territory God has given me within my assigned jurisdiction.  God has given me the right to use His authority to apply the laws of God within my assigned jurisdiction.  I tolerate no resistance to God’s authority.  When I sense resistance, I apply more force.

  • I overcome, dislodge and dispossess all enemies who try to illegally take possession of my territory because I have the power and the right to exercise and enforce God’s authority within my assigned jurisdiction.  I am led by the Holy Spirit and God ALWAYS causes me to triumph in Christ Jesus.

  • I am overly persistent in my demand for full possession and occupation of my land.  I am relentless.  I show or promise no lessening of severity, intensity, strength or pace.  I do not soften or yield in my determination to possess ALL the territory God has given me.  It is my inheritance and I will not take no for an answer.  I cannot be persuaded, moved or stopped.

  • I achieve victory and win by God’s strength in every struggle by violence against every obstacle and hindrance to God’s revealed will and plan.  I apply extreme, destructive force or action against every enemy that attempts to obstruct my way or interfere with my progress.

  • I produce results through God’s supernatural empowerment by His Spirit.

  • I speak with Divine empowerment against the strategies and tactics of the enemy.

  • I hasten the rate of my progress and growth through strict adherence to God’s will and purpose.  I bind myself to observance of His will as I’m glued to Him.  His desires are my desires.  His heart for His people is my heart for His people.  His will is my will.  I have His desire.  I have His heart.  I do His will.

  • I force the hand of the enemy through the strategies God reveals to me by His Spirit.

  • I make the enemy and the effects of his behavior and activities yield to God’s plan.

  • I overcome all the enemy’s resistance by the exertion of God’s strength and power.  I overwhelm the enemy and conquer him by enforcing restraints and restrictions.

  • By force or circumstance, I limit the enemy’s freedom of action and freedom of choice.

  • The enemy and all his cohorts are obliged to obey me because of the constraints of spiritual law.  I restrict the enemy’s motion.

  • I drive out the enemy forcefully and irresistibly compel him to obey.  It is impossible for the enemy to resist me.  I exert force in opposition to the enemy in order to counteract, repel and defeat him.

  • I force the enemy to submit by imposing restraints or limitations.  Even when the enemy has a legal right or opening, I restrict his movement, behavior and activities.

  • I secure the enemy by bonds.

  • I hold back the enemy by force.

  • I enforce God’s will and gain territory by force.

  • I carry out God’s will effectively.

  • I handle all legal disputes with the enemy in the spirit realm where God’s law prevails and dictates the outcome in the earth realm.

  • I enforce God’s laws in the earth realm.

  • I am God’s legislator.  I have the power to adopt His laws in the earth realm.

  • As a member of God’s legislature (the body of Christ), I have Divine ability to establish and enforce spiritual laws in the earth realm with the agreement of two or three other legislators (members of the body of Christ).

  • I am not the victim.  I am the victorious one for the greater one lives in me.

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