Pastor Sadie Brunson is a prolific, dynamic, and heavily anointed minister.  She brings a warm, compassionate and direct approach to caring for those who have been wounded – troubled by their past – or those who are just plain hungry for God and desire to grow closer to the Lord.  Sadie is a consecrated woman of God who walks in a divine flow of God’s love and grace.  She is loved and cherished by all that know her.  Her first book, Mercy Rewrote My Life, was initially released in April 2009.
Sadie is especially anointed to help people find their purpose and to aid them in walking in God’s ordained plan and giftings.  Also, God uses Sadie, under an apostolic anointing, to support those who are called to the ministry.  She is equipped to train and mentor men and women for God’s service and has been of tremendous inspiration and encouragement to many Pastors throughout this nation and abroad.
After more than twenty years of preaching, teaching, holding deliverance services, conducting prison ministry, and traveling in missions work, God has now called Sadie to launch a church ministry.  Sadie is Pastor and Founder of Abundant Love Ministries.  For many souls, this ministry will be a place similar to an emergency room, where people will be able to come and receive the spiritual treatment and healing they so desperately need.  Every person needs some place – a sort of refuge.  Abundant Love Ministries is that place.  Sadie takes emergency calls for deliverance ministry, prayer, and/or counseling.
Every person that comes under Sadie’s care receives special love and attention.  No souls are turned away, because Sadie knows how important we all are to Jesus and the plan of God.
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32B Germay Drive, Wilmington, DE  19804
(302) 654-5059